Jeff has been creating buzz and raising awareness in FASD circles across Canada. He has been teaching front line staff, educators and caregivers, alike about the in’s and out’s of living and supporting someone with FASD. Jeff’s workshops are interactive, enlightening, thought-provoking and will be filled with laughter and A-Ha! moments.

Experience one of Jeff’s Workshops

FASD 1Oh!?1

Jeff will lead you through the fundamentals of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). The training is communicated in a deliberately ‘jargon-free’, down to earth style which will ensure that every attendee leaves knowing they can make positive changes in the way they understand, interpret, and live/work with individuals affected by FASD.

Topics covered include: understanding brain dysfunction, primary and secondary disabilities, a model for providing appropriate accommodations (techniques, schedules, and strategies), sensory integration and the importance of early intervention.

The Four Pillars of FASD Success

For parents and caregivers to be successful (and sane) in this lifetime career that they have selflessly devoted themselves to, there are FOUR PILLARS of FASD SUCCESS that will guarantee a winning outcome: Respite, Training, Coaching and Understanding Grief and Loss. This workshop is geared towards caregivers and family members of those with FASD and has been presented at several family support groups across Canada.

Social Media and the Caregiver Connection

Caregivers of those living with FASD are often isolated and unable to access appropriate and applicable support services. Many FASD caregivers and families report that no one around them really ‘gets’ FASD and they are left to deal and manage on their own. Training, education and support for FASD caregivers is difficult to find because it’s too expensive, it’s hard to find and no one wants to fill in to baby sit.

Social media can help to decrease the isolation experienced by FASD caregivers. It also creates networking opportunities for caregivers to share strategies and suggestions. Social media also builds connections and bridges the gap between caregivers and frontline staff.
This workshop will teach caregivers and front line staff alike how to use social media for the purposes of training, learning, educating and as a support network. Social media is a cost effective approach to increasing engagement and support for FASD caregivers.

Jeff has been a host, keynote speaker and workshop leader at the following:

Disability Pride  Toronto, ON
Elliot Lake Secondary School  Elliot Lake, ON
Judith Nyman Secondary School   Brampton, ON
Anishinabek G7 FASD Standing Strong Conference   Sudbury, ON
Great Mood Gathering Conference   Moosonee, ON
JR Nakogee School and Vezina High School   Attiwapiskat, ON
Noojmowin-Teg Health Centre   Little Current, ON
National FACE and FASD Conference   St. John’s, NFLD
Helping our little Hope Fundraise   Sudbury, ON
N’Swakamok Native Friendship Centre   Sudbury, ON
Wikwemikong Health Centre   Wikwemikong, ON
Alberta Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Conference   Calgary, AB
FASD matters Conference   Minneapolis, MN, USA

And at the following Family Support Groups:
Burlington, ON
Hamilton, ON
Ottawa, ON
Peterborough, ON
Calgary, Canada
Minnesota, USA

Here’s what people said about Jeff’s workshops:

“great energy…exceeded my expectations”

“I wish we could have brought him back to work with us to talk to our boss!”

“The energy, passion and method of delivery! Fantastic!”

“I needed this – this was recommended by session #1 participant.”

Jeff’s workshops and trainings are highly interactive, entertaining and filled with ‘light bulb moments’ of discovery as parents, caregivers and front line staff realize how FASD impacts their families and communities, as well as the changes they need to make.

If you have other questions or are interested in having Jeff speak for your group or organization, he can be contacted by email at or phone at 416-805-9950.