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Fetal Alcohol: You’ve got to fight… for your rights!

Human rights, especially caregivers rights, was not something that I paid so much attention to – to be honest… but after my conversation with Dr. Gordon Atherley, host of Family Caregivers Unite!, I believe it’s incumbent upon me to learn more and do more in this area. I’m a newbie when it comes to human rights but Dr. G sure isn’t. Not only does

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Emily Travis: Thriving with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Emily Travis is a speaker, advocate, counselor and not to mention Miss Metropolis. Emily has a busier work load than most people I know but what makes her different, what makes her extraordinary, is that she is doing all of this while living on the spectrum of Fetal Alcohol (FASD). My goal for this interview is to find out what kind of strategies she

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Independence vs. Interdependence

Independence vs. Interdependence It’s not exactly what your mother taught you I remember when I was just a young boy being told that someday I would go out on my own. I would have to take care of myself and eventually I would have my own family.  This is a regular dialogue that most youth will hear from their parents or caregivers, but what

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