Our Team

If you’ve been following for a while, you’ve heard about the benefits of teaching folks with FASD about interdependence. Well, here’s a perfect
example of just that.

Meet the folks responsible for creating and maintaining FASDFOREVER.COM

Jeff Noble

Jeff is the owner and operator of FASDFOREVER.COM. He writes all the blogs. He answers all the emails and he’s the leader of this whole operation.

Tara Soucie

She’s the brains behind the operation.

Tara is the second set of eyes. She looks over
all the info, corrects the grammar and loves to
interact and learn from caregivers as much as
Jeff does.

By day, Tara is a Mental Health Counsellor
and FISH! facilitator.

Stephen Belyea

Stephen makes all the media and
web stuff look awesome.

He’s the creative genius and keeps
FASDFOREVER.COM up and running.

Victoria Smith

Victoria is the newest member of the team.

Victoria is a Jackie of all trades. She’s a customer
service, administrative and research specialist.

Most importantly, Victoria is a true expert and an FASD caregiver.