Moment to Moment: Teens Growing Up With FASD’s – An Interview with Gabe Chasnoff

By Jeff Noble

One of the most important parts of a caregiver’s job is to help other people understand Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders – and we know that this can be a very hard job because we are asking people to think in a totally different way then they have before. You can probably think of a few teachers or health
care professionals that might have been a little resistant. Well, our friend
Gabe and his partner (his father, Dr. Ira Chasnoff a leading FASD doctor and researcher) are doing just that through visual media.

As a teacher, coach and speaker I am always looking for new ways and strategies
to help Caregivers explain what FASD really looks like and what life really is like
living and supporting someone with an FASD. Well, I came across a movie that did just that.

Gabe Chasnoff, Producer and Director of Moment to Moment: Teens Growing Up with FASDs, has put together a documentary that will help caregivers explain Fetal Alcohol to others by following the stories of four families who are raising someone on the Fetal Alcohol spectrum. As soon as I was done watching this film I made sure to connect with Gabe… so I did and I filmed it.

Standing on the soapbox is a very difficult job – it can be lonely and sometimes
it’s plain old hard and stinky, but our hooting and hollering is making a difference and as our voices come together, we get louder and bring more awareness to FASD. I mean, we found this community, right!?
Enjoy the interview and when you get a chance, watch Gabe’s documentary!

Call to Action: Do you think a documentary about FASD’s would be a good tool
to help educate teachers, health care workers and/or family members?
Let me know in the comments below!


Making Sense of the Madness: An FASD Survival Guide.

You will learn how to:

  • Increase your FASD understanding and decrease your frustration
  • Sharpen your advocacy skills and strengthen your support network
  • Be a happier, more balanced and confident FASD Caregiver


  1. Yes cause I am some one that is Living with it from day to day and it would also help me out I’m 26 years old still living with it

    • Thanks for the comment Jacque, I am sure this movie would help you out as well.
      It would help explain what Fasd is and what’s happening in your brain. So you
      could see that you’re not the problem. Keep up the great work.

  2. Yes! A documentary that shows, not just tells, what FASD is and what to do with kids/teens/adults on the Spectrum would be extremely beneficial. I would hand it out to my family and son’s school.

    • That’s awesome Faythe, the other good things is it’s only 60 min run time so people can’t use time as an excuse not to
      watch it lol.

  3. Hi Jeff:
    This was awesome and I want to get the DVD I don’t see the link to purchase it.
    Percey’s issues against aggression (not that she doesn’t get aggressive) she would not be able to watch this documentary as I have just witnessed into the first 10 seconds of the introduction when we watched. I would like to know how other teens and young people felt when they viewed this documentary, we certainly don’t want to stress them out. I agree the caregivers and teachers etc. need this message. Hope to share this message with my groups. Bring it on the road to St. Thomas. Ontario Talk soon.

  4. I am thrilled beyond words over this. Ordering my copy today. Having been accused of being an enabler by a school official, having a family member say I just don’t discipline her enough, having her mental health team encourage having legal interventions I feel like I’m not only battling her problems but battling the rest of the world to protect her. Am so glad to have another tool. Thank You

    • Laura,
      I’m so thrilled you’re thrilled! I understand what you’re going through.
      Not only dealing with the symptoms of brain dysfunction but also dealing
      with the public who doesn’t understand them. Movies like this go a long way
      in helping others realize what you deal with on a daily basis.

      Keep up the good work and enjoy the video!


  5. Where can you get a copy? I think it might be a good documentary to watch with our local FASD support group. Thanks! I am new to your newsletters and facebook group and am really appreciating them so far!

  6. As a mother of an adopted daughter living with FASD I wish each provincial education minister would make it mandatory for Teachers to be educated in FASD. Video’s like this are a great way to give quick, easy information. Seeing it with live people makes it more real and impacts the viewers in a way that reading about FASD cannot. All of this information also helps me to wrap my brain around FASD and helps me to realize what it is like for my daughter. Thank you Gabe and Jeff.

    • You’re very welcome Holly and so right.
      If more people were educated about Fetal Alcohol we would
      have less issues, not only in school but in society as well.
      Thanks so much for the comment.


  7. I think it would be wonderful if teachers,both in elementary school and in high schools, had the opportunity to see this film. I don’t think there is much taught in the university education degrees. Teachers need to know what to watch for early on…and also who to watch for it in. I would say that the vast majority of kids with FASD are adopted. I realize that isn’t always the case and that it may lead to profiling of students but it has to start somewhere. Teachers need to know what flags to look for. So often when my son was little I was told to “hang in there”. That he would improve and that it just took time. No one knew how wrong this was….not even his Dad and I. We really wanted to believe the teachers were right. Unfortunately not much information was received at the time of his adoption and so we had no idea of the delays he was already facing that we as parents just didn’t see. I would love to spare another FASD child the difficulties our son faced. I really think the school boards should have a look at this and think about taking one day a year to review how FASD affects kids and how they should be taught. We sure wish internet and groups like yours had been around back when our son was young. Keep up the good work of getting the word out there.

    • Thanks for the comment Andrea, I think you are spot on in terms of educators needing education.
      I run into a lot of caregivers who wish this was available in the past. Now you know where things
      are heading, and you can be excited about it.


  8. This is FANTASTIC!! Just ordered one. Is there a way that we can access the one for younger children that Gabe mentioned (I think it was called The Listening Heart)?

    • Hey Jen,

      Thanks for the comment, I am going to forward your e-mail to Gabe. I’m sure he’ll know how to get you
      a copy.

      Keep it real, mom of steel!

  9. Hi Jeff thanks for sharing this link with us, I would be interested in buying this dvd and the other one the listening heart, but when I click on the link it won’t calculate shipping to the uk, if you know somewhere else or somehow else to get a copy can you please let me know thanks.

    • Hey Alan,

      They are currently working on their international shipping issues, I’ll def let you know when things are

  10. Thanks for such a great video. Can I purchase a copy of your DVD’s – The Listening Heart and Moment to Moment? These would be really insightful videos when raising awareness. Good job guys

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