Matthew Pakozdy and FASD

I first met Matt at a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder conference where Matthew and his mother Judy were talking about their experiences as both a caregiver and someone living with Fetal Alcohol. Their presentation was awesome – both humorous and candid. Audience members connected well with Matt and Judy. Matt and I have stayed in touch for the last several years and recently he has decided to become a speaker on his own. Matt has been on an incredible journey and is a model of what it takes to be a successful adult living and thriving with Fetal Alcohol. So I thought I would interview him so the rest of you can see how awesome he is, too. Enjoy the interview!

What an amazing young man, right? If you are an organization and you want
to hire Matthew for your conference you can check out his website and Facebook page.

Until next time, do your best to stay sane.


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  1. Matt, I’m so inspired and encouraged to see you floursh dealing and managing with FAS. I have a 13 year old son living in the spectrum and it’s very difficult. I always wonder if he will ever be independent. To see how you have brought people into your life so that you can be as independent as possible, gives me hope.

    Cathy Jillard

    • As long as you support him 100% through out his life and work on his goals and dreams and always know that there is nothing impossible because the sky is the limit =0D

  2. Hey Matthew , I’m on the same end of the spectrum as you are . Public speaking is one of my strengths but I hate math . Let your heart fly . Let people know that we can be successful with positive people in our lives. Keep up the awesome work !

  3. My first time viewing such a forward going conversation. This is a totally Awesome website !!! Jeff and Mathew… THNX So Much for sharing this positive outlook. My son is THIRTY and also semi.independent. He accepts repeat instructions gracefully at his job in food service at a university dormitory cafe. Same job for 8 years….. He is his own guardian. He also graduated high school with accommodations. He knows himself. He likes himself. He knows about his FAS and he knows it’s nothing He has Done Wrong. He is OPTIMISTIC LIKE YOU MATHEW and I am very proud of him. Thank you so much for your Courage and Generosity in telling about both your successes and life.s little challenges.
    lindalee soderstrom, just another mother.
    minneapolis minnesota USA

    • That’s so wonderful to hear and congratulations on your sons success and we so need more success stories of adults who are doing well in life but only because of support and love and understanding and always being behind them 100% =0D

  4. Thank you so much to everyone who has seen this video so far. I am glad you all love it.
    Don’t ever give up hope and keep going and keep strong no matter what happens or how hard it is.
    Tons of support love and consistent repetition is what helped me grow up to be the successful adult I am today and it helps that I got a wonderful team behind me at all times.

  5. A PRIZE PACKAGE you are Matthew…such an inspiration you are!! more often than not I feel that my son will not be a success no matter what we do to help him. It helps my soul to hear your story so I thank you for sharing! May I also say what a handsome boy and man you are Cheers! Keep Smiling!

  6. PRIZE PACKAGE…that’s exactly what you are Matthew! Such an inspiration! More often then not I feel that our son will not succeed so it touches my soul to hear your story. Thank you for sharing! May I also say what a handsome boy and man you’ve become Cheers, and keep smiling!

  7. Thank you for sharing your story Matt. We had two children join our family 7yrs ago. Both have FASD. There are definitely the dark moments but I have chosen to focus on the many things that they can do. It is thrilling to see how well you are doing. It give hope to us all

    • Keep hoping keep strong and keep going because yes life is very hard for kids and teens and adults with FASD but all parents and caregivers out there are there rock and foundation so just keep fighting for them and tons of support day in and day out as they grow up into being semi independent adults and also tell them that you love them each and every day no matter how frustrating or tough they are to deal with and not every day is going to be sunshine and rainbows and in those tough days “don’t try harder just try different” =0D

  8. What an inspirational young man, you should be so proud of yourself and your accomplishments, and your mum should be congratulated in doing such a great job supporting you. Well done you

  9. I have it too. My mother was a big binge drinker of Bourbon. She was unmarried and the guy did not want to marry her which increased the drinking. So I have a severe case of fetal Alcohol. Frustration from losing everything everyday still lives with me. She did not tell me until I was 50. I was anger person for several years because she called me ding bat. I did graduate high School and an AA degree. I had zero help from my mom she was still a drunk. I don’t drink and I resent not being normal 100% because I did not do it to myself.

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