Success Stories

We can all agree that reading success stories is nothing less than awesome! Real life stories about other FASD families, caregivers and FASD persons can provide us with that little bit of hope that we need to get through the day or to add some new perspective to a situation at home or school that you are dealing with.

The success stories that you will read about on these next few pages are from Caregivers and families all over the world who share many of the same challenges and battles, but they also share all the amazing little A-Ha! moments and celebrations, but mostly importantly, these stories are from families just like yours.

Enjoy the read!

Reaching for the Stars

I have the most amazing daughter, Riley who struggles every day of her life to be a success and she is winning! Riley has many learning challenges and we were told in the assessment to be prepared for her never to be able to do much for herself in years to come and was not even diagnosed until she was twelve years old.

Well, here it is three years later. Riley is in her first year of high school, placed in a regular class, on an IEP (Individual Education Plan) and has just received the first progress report. Well, Riley has received four Excellent, one Good, zero day late and zero days absent. Plus, she brought home a Science test marked 100% and a Geography test at 95%. This child is so amazing that she has received all of her Bronze levels in swimming, her Recreational Assistant certificate and is presently working on her Swimming Instructor Assistant certificate. Riley wants to go for her Life Guard at 16 years old. Riley volunteers at the community pool two hours a week, as a Swimming Instructor Assistant and volunteers at our church as a server and Sunday school Helper. Our wonderful daughter swims for Special Olympics and took home four first place ribbons in her first swim meet out of her four races. I have taught Riley that she can reach for the stars and you will succeed – never say never and strive to be the best she can be. I believe this child will succeed. Whether it is to be an employed Swim Instructor or Life Guard or to just stay in a volunteer position, Riley will touch any heart that is within reach. Riley is a GREAT young lady and we are extremely proud of all she has accomplished since being diagnosed.

Education is Power

Gina'sOur son is 7 1/2 years old. He has been part of our family since he was six weeks old and became a permanent part of our family when he was 5 on National Adoption Day.  We have known that his bio mother drank a lot during her pregnancy.  It wasn’t until almost the end of first grade did we realize the impact this has on a child.  We are now involved in a study here in Rochester, NY, belong to a local support group, Jeff’s website and a private support group on Facebook.  We are also starting therapy.

Being more educated, we are able to help our son be successful in school.  Can’t believe what a difference life is with all of the support, knowledge and experience that we have received.  Last big support that we have received is from Jeff – with his daily posts on Facebook and providing information when requested to give to the school.  We still have a long way to go, but being educated is making all of the difference.

We are so blessed for all of those who help and support our family.