Reviews And Buzz

Reading your newsletters and FB posts has been an eye opening experience. It’s amazing how you can describe my child completely and not even know her. It gives me the extra boost to get through the rough days. Thank you so much for being a great support for us all.

Julee - Washington, USA

What I like best about Jeff’s information is that not only is it valid, accurate and clear; it’s also brief! That makes it so easy to share!

Val Lipow - California, USA

Hi Jeff, I see that you have already posted one of my testimonies to you but I’m sure just like all the other parents out there I have lots more. You have given me the support that I have been looking for by just reading your newsletters & facebook updates. It seems sometimes there is no one else out there struggling the way we do as a family & parent. Each & every day I NEED to go on facebook page to see what your quote of the day is going to be. It gets me through the day & helps me realize we are NOT alone. There are other caregivers, there are other foster parents/adoptive parents out there that have the same struggles & concerns we have. To have you give us hope, to have you give us a smile, to have you get through the day with what you are teaching us with the knowledge you have of FASD is soooo heart warming!!!! It makes it all much easier knowing you are out there fighting & teaching about our children to lots people who do not understand even when they think they do!!!! Thank you for all you have done for me…..helping me to get my head out of the sand & start parenting my child again when I’ve almost got to the point where I just didn’t know if I had anything else to give. Thanks for the positive outlook there can be with FASD & to see how great our kids really are……they are NOT their behaviour.

Lisa Cuvelier - Nova Scotia, CAN