Reviews And Buzz

The supportive online community that is available to me everyday is like my own personal support group! I don’t have to get a sitter or even leave my house. Now my son has grown up and is doing really well ans i credit your wise advice that was so helpful for me to parent him effectively and not reactively.

Nancy Beyer - Minnesota, USA

I love your quotes on facebook. To me they are an excellent bit of advice and sometimes a wake up call as to how a person’s brain may be working with FAS. I always share them with my husband and the school. I also enjoy the feedback that others give regarding the quotes.

Louise Harmala - Michigan, USA

I want to thank you, Jeff, for giving both my son with FASD and I the information we have never really received about one of his disabilities. You give us information in a lay-mans, straightforward yet kind way. For that we will always be grateful!

Lorna Grivois - Connecticut, USA

Love your insights and hearing other’s success stories!

Bill - British Columbia, CAN

Your daily Facebook posts are ALWAYS spot on! I’m not sure if you saw my post but I suggested you write a booklet of just those daily affirmations! I try to remember them all and when I don’t feel like searching your page, it would be nice to be able to pick up a booklet of “Jeffisms”!

Melissa Wallace - Minnesota, USA

Always funny how just the right advice shows up when I need it most. Maybe that means all our FASD kids and young adults are the same? or experience similar episodes? I don’t know. but I do know that this is the only site I’ve come across that addresses the issues in purely human terms. Just when I seem to need it most.

Daniel - Kansas, USA

Jeff, thank you so much for posting gentle reminders about parenting FASD. I find them so helpful. Thank you for your dedication. It’s inspiring!!!

Hope - Illinois, USA

Thank you so much for your positive energy about FASD. I have worked in the FASD field for 40 years and can honestly say I’m so glad that you’ll be there doing the work of supporting families and their kids for the next 40!

Judy Pakozdy - Ontario, CAN

My Husband my Step Daughter and I thank you for all your information, from newsletters, Blogs and videos. It gives us the ability to endure and refresh and try try again without giving up.

Georg and Nola Mangum - Nevada, USA

I comb through every newsletter and the website religiously!! It makes me feel so much less alone in this crazy journey!! I seek out your Facebook posts several times a day because I LOVE your approach and you hit the nail on the head EVERY TIME!! I finally have found a community that “gets” me!! Thank you!

Shannon Imeson - Ontario, CAN