Interview with Allan Mountford…Fetal Alcohol and School! Part 1

By Jeff Noble Did you have a fantastic summer? I hope And I also hope that the meltdowns were few and far between and that there were a lot of summer memories created. It is however the beginning of September and you know that means – BACK TO SCHOOL. I get a lot of e-mails from care givers telling me their frustrations about how

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FFpodcast episode 1: Who the heck is Jeff Noble? How this show is going to work? And what’s in it for you?

OLO!! (I just watched Mega Mind) It’s finally here!! The first episode of the FASDFOREVER.COM PODCAST. Because this is the first episode I wanted you to know who I am, why I am doing this? And what I hope to accomplish with this podcast. I talk about what I think is one of the major factors in order for people with fetal alcohol to

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