Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 4.18.55 PMMaking Sense of the Madness:
An FASD Survival Guide | Jeff Noble

Jeff thought he knew all about FASD… until he started parenting a teenager with it! Jeff and his partner, Tara had been front line staff for many years and both felt they had the tools and experience to successfully parent a special needs teen and still be able to manage their home, relationship, friends and day-to-day life. They were wrong.

Through a ton of mishaps, wrong turns, failed attempts and the occasional win, Jeff and Tara were able to keep their heads above water until eventually discovering a few key principles that changed their lives. Making Sense of the Madness: An FASD Survival Guide will provide readers with key principles and ‘lightbulb moments’ of discovery that will make positive changes in the way they understand, interpret and support individuals affected by an FASD.

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Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 4.19.12 PMFASD Sound Bites and Sanity Savers: A catalogue of collective wisdom and things that make you go ‘hmmm’ | Jeff Noble

As an FASD caregiver, Jeff found himself confused a lot. Constant meetings, endless reports, medical jargon and long-winded appointments left Jeff overwhelmed, frustrated and feeling like he just couldn’t catch a break. After getting failing grades as an FASD caregiver, Jeff found himself back at school. Through the instructor’s use of soundbites and short snippets, Jeff was finally able to learn and understand FASD.

The use of quick and catchy one-liners provided Jeff with easy to remember, simple, yet impactful reminders he needed as an FASD caregiver. More importantly, they kept him sane. In Jeff’s second book, FASD Soundbites and Sanity Savers he shares his favourite and most shared soundbites that have helped him to understand and even teach others about living and supporting someone with an FASD.

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These titles are also available in:


Dando Sentido a la Locura: Guía de supervivencia para el TEAF

TEAF Recetas Para no Perder la Cabeza: Un catálogo de conocimiento colectivo e ideas que te harán decir “hmmm”

A big THANK YOU to Adriana Bastons-Compta, Oscar Garcia-Algar and Marta Astals for translating these books.


Dare un Senso alla Follia: Una guida di sopravvivenza

A big THANK YOU to Simona Pichini for translating this book.

“I love your soundbites! It draws me back to how my son may be seeing and experiencing life versus how I see life. They are always ‘Yes! That’s so true’ or ‘Wow! That’s why he does that!” moments!'”
– Tiffany, FASD Caregiver

“Many times a day, I will happen upon one of your soundbites and it will be exactly what I need to get me through the day with our boy. They keep me grounded in reality.” – Lisa, FASD Caregiver

“I am the Mother of four children with FASD. Your quotes and sound bites have seriously saved my sanity. Our reality is different than typical families. You remind us that our struggles are “normal” in the world of FASD. You provide hope and real help through your quotes.” – Rhonda, FASD Caregiver

“Your book is terrific. I also find myself pulled up short and realizing I am also expecting too much of David at times. The book is a great review and reality check for me.” -Bruce Ritchie, FasLink

“I wanted to take some time to congratulate you on your wonderful book. It has almost become a Bible for me! And honestly, I think it will help my family to understand my children.” – Julie, Caregiver Kick Start! Participant

“Just started reading the book! I could have written it. It’s my life!” – Kerry, Caregiver Kick Start! Participant